Can I do eFiling on my phone?

The SARS MobiApp is a mobile channel from which you can complete and submit your Income Tax Return (ITR12). You can easily install the SARS MobiApp from the App Store (for Apple devices), Google Play Store (for Android devices) or the Huawei App Gallery. On the SARS MobiApp you can register, complete, save and submit your 2020 return (coming soon), as well as returns from previous years.

You may also use the app for the following:

  • Register for eFiling
  • Reset your username and password
  • Maintain and update your registered details
  • File your return
  • Upload and submit supporting documents
  • Make a payment to SARS
  • Set up a Call Back from the SARS Contact Centre
  • View a Notice of Assessment
  • Request and view the Income Tax Statement of Account
  • View the status of the return
  • Use the tax calculator
  • Saved ITR12 returns are auto refreshed
  • The Branch Locator shows the estimated waiting queue time
  • Activation of the Income Tax Return (ITR12) via the SARS MobiApp
  • Tax Practitioners can access the SARS MobiApp for the completion and submission of their Personal Income Tax clients and their Personal Income Tax products where they have full access rights; and
  • Taxpayers can request their Statement of Account (SOA) or their eNotice of Registration (IT150) via the SARS MobiApp.
  • Nowadays you can use your phone for just about anything imaginable. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that people are filling their income taxes on their phones.
  • There’s no need for pen and paper or even finding a computer to complete the duty most of us dread every year. Everything you’ll need — a camera to scan importanttax documents, tax software apps like Turbo Tax and H-R block, and video software for chatting with experts — is easily found on your phone or tablet.
  • Here’s everything you should consider before going mobile to complete your tax return in 2023. It doesn’t matter if you are team Android or ios, we’ll help you weigh your options. Then if going mobile is a yes for you, we dive deeper into four tax apps that can help you maximize your tax refund and get it quicker
  • You might not be keen on doing taxes on your smartphone because it may seem difficult and tedious, but there are many reasons why it might be a great idea for you:
  • It’s convenient. Not everyone has access to a computer, but most people own a smartphone — whether it’s an Android or iOS device. The most popular tax apps are available in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, so filing taxes on your mobile device, especially a tablet, is incredibly convenient if you don’t have a laptop or desktop.
  • It could be quicker. If you’ve used a tax app before, using it again can make the filing process quicker thanks to information previously saved. And if you take advantage of mobile features, such as document scanning with your camera, you could potentially fill out your taxes quicker on a phone or tablet than you would on a computer.
  • Live support is available on camera. If you have trouble with filling out any of the tax forms via app, you might have the option to do a video call or share your screen with a tax specialist (like an accountant or attorney) to get personalized advice. And if you’re worried about them seeing your information — they can’t. They don’t have access to your personal information unless you provide it to them.
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