Do you pay tax on gambling winnings in South Africa?

Gambling winnings such as lottery, casino winnings or sports betting etc. If you are like most of the gambling population (i.e. you have a day job and only gamble every now and again for fun) then your winnings won’t be taxable, but you should still declare to SARS as non-taxable income.

You’re playing at one of the best online casinos in South Africa, you’re enjoying your favourite games, and you’re winning real money. All in all, it’s the exact gaming experience every player is looking for. And then it occurs to you – should you be paying any kind of gambling tax? You pay tax on your income, tax on your purchases, why not on your online betting winnings as well?

It’s a good question, and as a responsible online casino player, it’s exactly the type you should be asking. Tax for online gambling falls into the same category as legal gaming, licensing and gambling regulation, and should be treated with the same importance as any aspect of responsible gaming. So if you’ve ever thought about tax for gambling online, well done. You are just the type of player every top South African online casino is after. For complete peace of mind, read on and find out all about:

  • The laws regarding gambling online tax in SA
  • Who is responsible for paying online gambling tax
  • The practicalities of online gaming in SA


It goes without saying that nobody likes paying tax. It’s a grudge purchase like tyres or a car service, but a necessary one nevertheless. As a responsible online casino player, you want to make sure that you’re always on the right side of any rules, and paying taxes certainly falls within this area. Luckily in South Africa, in most cases, casino winnings are seen as being exempt from gambling online taxes, as are lottery winnings and competition winnings too. What this means is that, if you place a real money bet and reap the rewards, your game play will be seen as a hobby or a leisure pastime, rather than a profit-making venture, and will be free from any kind of gambling tax.

As such, you can continue playing at South Africa’s top 2023 online casinos with no worrying needed. Should you hit the jackpot or rake in any winnings, no tax on online gambling will need to be paid. What you win is what you keep, and every cent of it will go straight into your casino account.


While online gambling in South Africa is still seen as being a grey area, it is nevertheless possible to place bets at land-based casinos, as well as 2023 online betting sites with gambling licenses issued by the National Gambling Board. Again, any winnings accrued at these venues are not subject to any kind of tax, gambling online or otherwise.

Casinos operating outside South Africa are not actively prohibited from welcoming SA players. Moreover, while SA players are free from taxes on online gambling, both land-based and offshore casinos are required to pay tax either in South Africa, if located within the country, or in the country in which they are licensed and based. In this way, SA real money players are exempt from paying any fees on their winnings, as this responsibility falls instead to the casino operators themselves.

While the legislation around South African internet casinos is still being debated, there are nevertheless a huge range of sites waiting to welcome SA players and offer you the ultimate in online games, sign-up bonuses, top promotions, casino security, deposit and withdrawal options, fair game play and more. And the best part? You won’t owe the government any money on your winnings. So play the worry-free way at your favourite South African gaming site today and enjoy a world-class casino environment and non-stop gambling action!


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