How did Steve Harvey adopt Lori Harvey?

Steve Harvey’s daughter Lori Harvey is following in his footsteps. The model is Steve’s youngest daughter, whom he adopted when he married her mother and his now-wife, Marjorie Harvey. The Family Feud host also adopted her two older siblings, Morgan and Jason, and has four children from previous marriages.

Celebrated comedian, host and actor Steve Harvey has been making rounds on the internet for all the wrong reasons. The host was earlier trending on Twitter after he asked his fans which comedian does not make them laugh. It was also reported that his wife Marjorie had cheated on him with his bodyguard and personal chef. But, the 66-year-old has cleared the air around both, as he fired his social media manager and mentioned that he and his wife are both happy. Well, Steve is not the only Harvey that often makes headlines, as his daughter Lori Harvey has a separate fanbase. But did you know that Lori is not Steve’s real daughter but adopted?

Since 1981, Steve has been married thrice. He was first married to Marcia Harvey for four years and later to Mary Lee Harvey for nine years. The Family Feud host then tied the knot with Marjorie Elaine Harvey in 2007.Lori Harvey is always in the news for her high-profile outings with her friends and family. By profession, Lori is a model, and her fans are always interested in her both personal and professional life. While she is extremely close to her father, Steve Harvey, she is not the comedian’s biological daughter.

In 1997, Lori was born to her mother, Marjorie and her biological father, whose name has never been disclosed. When Marjorie and Steve tied the knot in 2007, the latter legally adopted her and her siblings, Jason and Morgan. Apart from the three, Steve Harvey also has four biological children: Wynton, Karli, Brandi and Broderick.

It is safe to say that Steve Harvey’s blended family dynamics can transcend biological connections. However, he does have a complicated equation with his son Broderick.

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