How do I bet on Yahoo Sports?

The Yahoo Sports app allows you to place bets through the BetMGM mobile page using your Yahoo login credentials. If you are 21+ years, and in a legal betting state, you can place bets on BetMGM without leaving the Yahoo Sports app.Yahoo and MGM have teamed up to give fans a new way to enjoy the games they love. Thanks to the power of MGM you can now bet on sports through Yahoo and Yahoo Sports. If you’re of legal age and in a legal jurisdiction for sports betting, you’re in. If your state has not yet legalized sports betting, check out all the free and paid games with Yahoo Fantasy Sports.

For sports like basketball and football, betting on the point spread is the most popular method of wagering. For an example, if a favorite is listed at -2.5, that team has to win by 3 or more points for you to win the bet. If the underdog wins or loses by 2 points or less, the underdog wins the bet.

The other popular method of betting is on the money line. Odds will be listed for a team to win. An underdog could be listed at +200, which means you’d win $200 on a $100 bet if your team wins straight up.

Other than Super Bowl, what other events are popular in betting?

The Super Bowl is, not surprisingly, the biggest day in the sports betting world. But the first two rounds of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament have grown, especially at Las Vegas sportsbooks. “March Madness” in Las Vegas has become a destination for sports bettors.

NFL and college football weekends are also very popular for sports betting.

What are futures bets?

Fans can bet a team to win the World Series, Super Bowl, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup or an NCAA championship before or during the season. Each team has its own odds.

Fans can also bet on futures like how many games a team will win and who will win MVP.

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