How do I check my Eskom account online?

If you would like to view your bill online, its easy, in only three steps you are able to see it and download it!

Step one: Go to

Step two: Select Bill history/Request copies. All the bills you have with Eskom for the last 12 months will appear. 

Step three: At the bottom of the window, on the right select request a copy of your bill.

Step four: At the method of delivery option, you can choose between:

  • E mail
  • Fax
  • Post
  • Download 

Step five: Submit your choice to view your bill. It’s that simple!CS Online is a contact channel for Eskom customers
• The site can be accessed from the main Eskom homepage,, select “Customer care”, then select the CS Online
• Access the online website directly using the web address:
How does CS Online work?
Customers are able to select the services required from a menu
configured according to the service categories for each customer
segment( i.e. Pre-paid and billed)
CS Online service includes the ability to:
• Access online statements, balances and catalogues
• Log requests that will be handled automatically
• Provide reference numbers when requests are logged
• Allow customers to provide feedback to EskomThere are various methods of updating your information, please see
details about how to update your contact information:
• Call us on 08600 37566 and have your details at hand.
• Visit, click on Customer Care and click on CS
• Visit one of our Customer Service Hubs countrywide.
• Use your mobile phone to access CS Mobile by dialling
*120*6937566# for a range of services including viewing your most
recent account and submitting your latest meter readings.
…Reasons why we need your updated information
• To share information on interruptions, outage notifications and
power restoration times
• To keep you well informed about Eskom accounts, claims,
estimations, vending access and meter accuracy.
• To inform you about times and dates of Community meetingsYou can have your bill emailed to you. This ensures that you receive
your bill timeously each month. To receive an email of your bill
contact Eskom and ask them to use your email address, while doing
this, take this opportunity to make sure that all your details are
correct i.e. phone numbers, email address etc.
• Examples of the three bills are included in this pamphlet.
• All residential customers are charged according to the inclining block
tariff. The main feature for this is that the more you use, the higher the
average price.
• The tariff structure is divided into two consumption blocks and each
block has a different price per kWh.
• Credits on Eskom account (Rebilled Adjustment)
• There are a few options for you to use regarding the reading of your
• There are also various Payment options

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