How do I check my ShopRite Xtra?

Your till slip will reflect each Xtra Savings deal with total savings earned for your shop. You can also check your savings under your profile on our website, via WhatsApp or USSD.Members of the Shoprite bonus program can check Shoprite Xtra Savings Points in several easy ways: by phone number, through the mobile app, via watsapp, on the official website.

You will receive a reply message with the number of bonuses in your account.

Check Shoprite Xtra Points by Phone

The second way is to send USSD-request from your cell phone. In this case you have to do the following actions:

  • Dial the following command on your phone
  • *134*569*card number#¬†
  • Press call button
    Source: reply, you will receive a message with bonuses on your account. The request is sent for free, and you can make as many requests of this kind per day.
    Source: third option is to use the official website of Shoprite Bonus Program. To check the following steps are necessary:

    • Go to the supermarket bonus program site
    • Log into your account (link in the upper right corner)
    • Click on “My Xtra Points”
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