How does FPL make money?

It also provides an opportunity to engage with fans outside of match days as discussion turns to game week transfers, future fixtures, and captain picks.
This is monetised mostly through the collection of data and the increased commercial value the League can then assign to its partnerships as a result.

Gamification such as FPL allows supporters not only to keep following the statistics of their favourite team, but it also gives them the possibility to constantly interact with people having the same passion as they do.
There are hundreds of thousands of private FPL leagues (of which I must have been invited to half in the past week alone). 
This all adds to the engagement of the product offering – perfectly encapsulated by Alex Christian for Wierd.,
“Last-minute winner from Mo Salah, 1-0 Liverpool. Moments later, millions of phones flash with WhatsApp messages, pinged between FPL-dedicated group chats. Twitter and Reddit are alight with tales of joy and despair. The conversation isn’t centred on the goal, nor the Premier League title race. Instead, it’s all about doubled captain totals, squandered points and mini-league ramifications.”
The value this provides for the Premier League and its clubs is priceless. As illustrated here, FPL means that fans are constantly following closely, even if their favourite team isn’t playing. For many, it’s all about the implications of a result or a goal.

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