How good are the Philadelphia Eagles?

The Philadelphia Eagles are the lone remaining unbeaten team in football.

And because of that, plus how they’ve banded together on both sides of the pigskin, they’re ranked first in FOX Sports’ latest NFL power rankings.

But while “Undisputed” cohost Shannon Sharpe agreed with their listing atop the league, he withheld from buying stock into the squad, claiming that he needs to see more from Philly before he could give it a vote of confidence.

“They look really good,” Sharpe exclaimed on Wednesday’s show. “I think right now they’re the best overall team as far as offense, defense and special teams. [Their] quarterback’s playing really well. Not the highest completion percentage but they can run the football. A.J. Brown has really opened up the playbook for Jalen Hurts, you have DaVonta [Smith] on one side, Quez Watkins, they have a lot of receivers that can make plays for you. [Tight end] Dallas Goedert, who’s a really good tight end. 

“For me, I like what Jalen is doing. He’s going to have to continue it. Four games is not enough for me. I remember when Patrick Mahomes won the MVP and lost in the playoffs, and they were like, ‘well can he win the big game?’ Let that sink in: The man threw for 5,000 [yards], 50 TDs, lost in a championship game and didn’t touch the ball in overtime, and people still had questions. … Hurts is going to have to do it playoff time in order for me to be fully convinced. … I’m about seven on a scale of 1-10 [when it comes to being sold on them].”

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