How is Discord different from WhatsApp?

Discord is a more customizable platform that offers features like voice channels and screen sharing. WhatsApp is a more traditional messaging app with a focus on privacy, boasting features like location-sharing.

Technology has made our lives much more manageable. Gone are the days of sending a carrier pigeon to a friend when you want to contact them (or a traditional SMS text) — we have Discord and WhatsApp now!

But how do you know which one you should use when you want to connect with someone, and is there any difference between the two? Here is what you need to know.

Difference Between Discord And WhatsApp?

Discord allows you to join virtual communities and is designed for people who love gaming. WhatsApp is a replacement for traditional SMS and phone calls, no matter what your interests are. Discord servers are like private social networks, whereas WhatsApp is primarily used for text communication between two people.

While Discord and WhatsApp are both socialization platforms that create bridges between people, there are major differences between the two.

The main difference is that WhatsApp is mainly used to carry two-way conversations, while Discord is for gathering big communities who bond over a shared interest (mainly gaming). WhatsApp is similar to traditional text messaging, in that most people use WhatsApp to communicate with people they know in real life.

In contrast, many people use Discord to meet friends and connect with people whose identities remain anonymous. A discord server is similar to a private social network that brings together people with common interests.

Reasons Why WhatsApp Is Better

WhatsApp is better than Discord for simple two-way communication exchanges. It allows users to simply and easily send text, picture, video, and audio messages to each other. Also, WhatsApp is fully encrypted, meaning messages and data cannot be intercepted and read by hackers or third parties.

Are there some reasons why WhatsApp is better than Discord? Sure, let’s dig into some of them and explore why it could potentially be a better service.

For starters, WhatsApp is known for being a super secure, encrypted communication platform. This makes it nearly impossible for third-parties, like ISPs or governments, to read the contents of your messages.

WhatsApp also syncs to your cloud, meaning you can access messages, photos, and videos on your other devices. Just make sure they’re also connected to the cloud.

WhatsApp also allows users to backup their app data to an email address. This will ensure you have a backup just in case WhatsApp goes down or you somehow lose valuable information within the app.

Another advantage of using WhatsApp is that you can easily send a contact to another person within the app itself. It’s very easy to forward the information of people in your contacts list to other WhatsApp users.

If you’re waiting for a friend to respond to your message, you can see when they were last active. In addition to that, you can share your location, so your friends and family will know where you are.

If you’d rather keep your information private, you can also deactivate the option for people to see when you were last in the app or your current location.

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