How many goals has Hazard scored for Madrid?

Since making the highly anticipated move from Chelsea to Real Madrid in the summer of 2019, Eden Hazard’s tenure at the Spanish powerhouse has been a mix of exhilarating moments and unfortunate setbacks. Hazard’s goal-scoring journey at Real Madrid has been marked by both impressive strikes and periods of injury-induced absence.

Hazard arrived at Real Madrid with high expectations, carrying the weight of being one of the most expensive signings in the club’s history. His ability to score and create goals had been a defining feature of his career, and fans were eager to see him replicate that form in the iconic white jersey. However, injuries early in his Real Madrid career limited his playing time and hampered his impact on the pitch.

During his initial seasons at the club, Hazard’s goal-scoring contributions were unfortunately limited by recurrent injuries. Despite these challenges, he showcased moments of brilliance, reminding fans of his capabilities. His goal tally steadily increased as he overcame his fitness struggles, highlighting his determination to succeed in a demanding environment.

By the end of the 2020-2021 season, Hazard had scored a modest number of goals for Real Madrid in various competitions. While his goal count might not have reached the heights he achieved at his previous club, Chelsea, his presence and occasional strikes were a testament to his skill and ability to adapt to new surroundings.

Hazard’s time at Real Madrid has been a testament to the resilience required to overcome injuries and the challenges of transitioning to a new league and team. Despite facing hurdles, he has shown glimpses of his true potential, leaving fans hopeful for more impactful contributions in the seasons to come. and I recommend checking more recent sources for updates on Eden Hazard’s goal-scoring record at Real Madrid.

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