How many people were at ultra jhb?

Ultra South Africa is Africa’s largest electronic music festival and is part of Ultra Music Festival’s worldwide expansion which has now spread to twenty countries. Ultra South Africa is a single day event taking place in two cities (Johannesburg and Cape Town). Having debuted in 2014, Ultra South Africa is one of the longest standing world editions of the festival. Ultra South Africa is a strictly 18 and over event.

On 16 August 2018, Ultra South Africa announced the dates for its 6th edition. After two years at the Cape Town stadium, Organisers have decided to return the Cape Town edition to the Ostrich Ranch with the Johannesburg edition continuing its long standing tradition at its historic home at The Nasrec Expo Centre. On 6 November 2018, Ultra South Africa announced for the first time ever that The Chainsmokers will headline the 6th edition of Ultra South Africa. The phase 2 lineup was announced on 3 December 2018, which included Above and Beyond, Martin Garrix, Black Coffee, Vini Vici and Infected Mushroom. This edition marked the biggest Ultra South Africa to date with over 50 000 fans between Cape Town and Johannesburg.

While official attendance figures for Ultra Johannesburg 2023 have not been released as of my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021, we can make educated estimates based on the festival’s past attendance records and its growing popularity. In previous years, Ultra Johannesburg has consistently attracted tens of thousands of attendees. Given the festival’s enduring appeal and the anticipation surrounding this year’s event, it’s reasonable to expect that the 2023 edition would have drawn a similar, if not larger, crowd.

Ultra Johannesburg is renowned for its diverse lineup of top-tier DJs and electronic music artists, offering festivalgoers an unparalleled sonic experience. The festival typically features multiple stages, each hosting different genres of electronic music, ensuring there’s something for everyone. This eclectic mix of music styles has contributed to the festival’s widespread appeal and the likelihood of a substantial turnout.

The festival’s venue also plays a crucial role in accommodating a large number of attendees. Previous editions of Ultra Johannesburg have been held at spacious venues capable of hosting tens of thousands of festivalgoers comfortably. These venues provide ample space for multiple stages, immersive visual displays, and a variety of food and beverage options.

The exact attendance figures for Ultra Johannesburg 2023 will likely be released by the event organizers or local authorities in the days following the festival’s conclusion. These figures will give us a precise count of how many people were in attendance at this year’s event, and it will be interesting to see if it breaks previous records.

In conclusion, while we don’t have official attendance figures for Ultra Johannesburg 2023 at the time we can reasonably expect that the festival continued its tradition of drawing a massive crowd. The combination of world-class music acts, a diverse lineup, and spacious venues has made Ultra Johannesburg a prominent fixture on South Africa’s music festival calendar, and it’s safe to say that thousands of music enthusiasts came together to celebrate electronic dance music at its finest.

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