How much does Nike pay Alcaraz?

Carlos Alcaraz is one of the most known teenagers in the tennis world. Being a young sensation and the ‘next big thing’ surely comes with its monetary benefits. Carlos has attracted several huge names in the industry but still maintains a humble lifestyle.

Since Carlos still has a lot of money to earn in future games, it is not known what he plans to do with his earnings. All in all, he has a career earning of $10 million according to the latest available information. However, he must have paid some taxes on the prize plus his expenditure made his net close to $4.5 million.

Ever since his fairytale victory at the US Open, Alcaraz has been an eye-catcher for many big brands. Carlos Alcaraz became one of the youngest players to sign a deal with the Swiss luxury watch brand, Rolex. The numbers on the deal are kept confidential however since Rolex also sponsors big names like Roger Federer, Dominic Thiem, and Karen Khachanov the deal is likely to be really profitable for Carlos.He also has an endorsement agreement with Nike. Previously, Carlos Alcaraz had an agreement with the shoe brand Lotto but ever since he entered the top 100, Nike saw the marketing opportunity and jumped right in. In January 2020, Carlos Alcaraz inked his first professional and long-term contract with Nike. He wears the Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pros all the time when playing on the court.

He has recently signed a deal with Spanish ham company ElPozo Alimentación for three seasons which can be extended to another three. Having existing deals with the French Tennis racquet manufacturer Babolat and Caser Seguros, a Spanish insurance company, he has lots of market potential. Brands have begun to sight him and offer deals, but it highly depends on his success on the court.

There are a lot of expectations from him in the Indian Wells Masters and the upcoming Ronald Garros. Clay court has always been Carlos Alcaraz’s specialty much like his idol, Rafael Nadal. His journey to become the world no. 1 has begun but he would face great competition from Djokovic.

The Serbian legend of the game, who is one of the best ever. Rafael Nadal, if he plays, will be the number one favorite to win the Grand Slam. It would sensational to see Carlos Alcaraz compete with his idols.

The superstar of women’s tennis, Venus Williams reportedly broke up with her boyfriend, Nicholas Hammond after the rumors of their engagement took the headlines. Hammond, the multi-millionaire heir to the Annenberg family fortune was first spotted with Venus in 2017 when he accompanied her to Serena’s wedding in New Orleans.

The duo had reportedly dated for two years until they both called it to a stop in 2019. Hammond used to often accompany her on tours and even cheered for her in the Australian Open. The couple then traveled to Hamilton Island for a very romantic vacation. Ever since there have been lots of PDAs and appearances without any direct comment on the relationship.


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