How much is Sassa payment for october 2023?

A social assistance or grant is a sum of money paid by the South African government, to citizens, permanent residents and refugees residing within South Africa. The grant is paid by SASSA each month, to candidates who have applied and met all the criteria of the grant.

The South African government provides social assistance via the following grants: Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grant, Care Dependency Grant, Foster Child Grant, Child Support Grant, Grant-in-aid, Grants for Older person (under 75 and above 75 years old), Disability Grant and the War Veteran’s Grant.

In his speech earlier this year, the finance minister of the nation said that the SASSA increase would be twice in April and October.

The second increase in SASSA benefits is expected to be implemented in October.

October SASSA Increase

The overall grant growth for each kind in October 2023 is shown below:

  • Old Age Grant or Pensioners: R2 110 (75 years) and R2 090 (Below 75 years)
  • Disability Grant: R2 090
  • Child Support Grant: R510
  • Foster Care Child Grant: R1 130
  • Care Dependency Grant: R2 090
  • War Veterans Grant: R2 110

    The Best Way To Collect Your Social Grant

    Before you can start receiving your grant, make sure that you have the correct SASSA balance and payment dates.

    There are many ways to collect your social grant money:

    • You can withdraw money using your SASSA Gold Card at the ATM.
    • You can also collect cash at various retail stores such as Pick n Pay, Boxer, Checkers, U-Save, and Shoprite.
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