Is Sassa giving R700 grant?

The South African Social Security Agency has made efforts to help people facing financial crises. For this purpose, it has created different types of grants which are applicable to different categories of people.

Unfortunately, some people have spread fake news about SASSA grants on social media. The information on social media about the SASSA R700 grant is fake. People are trying to find ways to apply for the R700 grant, but SASSA offers no such program.

Some people who tried to apply for the fake R700 grant also faced the problem in receiving their actual grant. Please be careful, and don’t believe in such posts unless it comes from original SASSA sources.

The SA Social Security Agency (Sassa) has warned the public about a fake post circulating on social media claiming application forms for a R700 grant are available.

The post encourages people between the age of 18 and 35 to apply for the grant through an online registration process.

Sassa said the link is not from the agency and the post is “fake”.

“Sassa warns clients against the below fake information. This message does not come from Sassa. Kindly ignore or delete it.”

“We just want to put it on record that when we want to communicate with our beneficiaries there is a proper way in which we communicate with them. One of those particular platforms which we use is to send alerts because we’ve got the addresses of individuals so that they are able to respond,” said Letsatsi.

Sassa scam circulating on WhatsApp

Previously, Sassa warned those who receive, or are applying for, the R350 social relief of distress (SRD) grant to be careful who they share their personal details with, and to always check their contact details on the system are correct.

The agency issued a statement after its customer care unit in Mpumalanga received several calls from people who receive the grant, complaining that their contact details have been changed.

According to Sassa, there is a WhatsApp message circulating in which scammers are offering to assist people to complete their applications.

The scammers request the personal details of the person.

“By surrendering personal details to strangers, the scammers are able to change the contact details on behalf of applicants,” said Sassa.

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