Is South Africa richer than New Zealand?

New Zealand and South Africa are two far apart from each other countries, yet they share some cultural aspects.

South Africa is the most southern African country, with access to both the Atlantic and Indian oceans. It’s Africa’s third-largest economy and is one of the most visited places on the continent. SA is mostly popular for its nature, mountains, vineyards, wildlife, and cultural diversity.

While you may know South Africans as Caucasians, about 80% of its population is black Africans. The white population has its roots in England and the Netherlands, as their ancestors were settlers in the 17th century.

New Zealand was discovered by Polynesians, yet the majority of the local population have British, Scottish, Welsh, and Irish ancestors. So, theoretically, caucasian South Africans and New Zealanders have similar backgrounds.

Some important facts about South Africa that are different from New Zealand worth your consideration:

  • GDP is higher – the economy is larger – $419 vs $375 billion
  • Higher crime rates
  • A developing country
  • Higher unemployment rate 17.9% vs 3,3%
  • The same inflation rate of 7.2% for December 2022
  • Population below the poverty line – about 54%
  • Poor life expectancy – 65 vs 83 years
  • The HIV death rate is 310,000, or about 18% of the total population
  • High corruption

New Zealand

Overall, New Zealand ranks 10th worldwide for the quality of life, scoring highly for economic and political stability, safety, and the quality of its education system.  

  • Housing: 6,8
  • Income: 6,0
  • Jobs: 8,3
  • Community: 8,5
  • Education: 7,0
  • Environment: 8,1
  • Civic engagement: 7,5
  • Health: 9,2
  • Life satisfaction: 7,9
  • Safety: 7,3
  • Work-life balance: 4,9

Furthermore, the largest city, Auckland, was ranked 3rd in the Mercer Quality of Life index. The capital of New Zealand, Wellington, scored 15th.

From our view, New Zealand does great in factors like natural beauty & nature, weather, healthcare, political stability, safety, cultural diversity, tolerance of other races & cultures, and the amount of pollution.

Moreover, New Zealand outperforms in average income, jobs, education, life satisfaction, health, environmental quality, civic engagement, and life satisfaction. New Zealanders give a 7.3 grade regarding their general satisfaction with life.

New Zealand’s quality of life indicators, according to the Numbeo are:

Purchasing Power Index94.85High
Safety Index53.97Moderate
Healthcare Index71.05High
Climate Index96.35Very High
Cost of living Index74.63High
Property Price to Income Ratio9.00Moderate
Traffic Commute Time Index31.36Low
Pollution Index24.23Low
Quality of Life Index
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