•  Ana gets her job back and eventually opens her own art gallery after completing the program at Erwin.
  •  Ana and Will end up together in New York after the former thought they would never see each other again.
  •  Will moved to New York for Ana, not just for the job.

Prime Video’s new romantic comedy Upgraded ends with Ana (Camila Mendes) and Will (Archie Renaux) reuniting in New York after both of their professional lives massively changed. Toward the end of Upgraded, Ana’s “white lie” is exposed by her coworkers, which leads not only to her getting fired by Claire but also to her relationship with Will falling apart. Between the loss of her job and the fallout with Will, it seemed like Ana’s time in London would end on a sad note. Fortunately, things eventually worked out for her in the new Prime Video movie.

Thanks to the help of Catherine, who understood what Ana did and was even impressed by her acting skills, Camila Mendes’ Upgraded character got her job back and made a name for herself within Erwin. Additionally, even though Will originally refused the job offer and said he would not go to New York, he and Ana eventually reunited in her brand-new art gallery. Upgraded ends with Ana and Will kissing as they go to “her place,” which turns out to be a little room inside the gallery itself. The movie concludes like it began – with a shot of The Swan, No. 17.

Ana’s dream became a reality

Ana said multiple times throughout the film that her goal was to complete the program at Erwin and eventually open her own gallery, which happened at the end of Upgraded. There is a time skip between Ana’s return to New York after everything that happened in London and the final sequence of the film, meaning the creation of Ana’s gallery happened offscreen. Considering that the character got her job at Erwin back right before the six-month time skips, it is safe to say Ana completed her internship program and started her own business right away.

Upgraded (2024) Cast
Actor Character
Camila Mendes Ana
Archie Renaux William
Marisa Tomei Claire
Lena Olin Catherine
Anthony Head Julian Marx

Ana was able to do so because of the money she made with the auction of Catherine’s paintings, which she got a commission for. Although Ana would have never received a cut of Erwin’s biggest auction in the history of the company as the third secretary of Claire, she was promoted to head of the auction because Catherine asked so. Catherine would not sell the paintings if Ana was not directly involved in the auction, leading to a massive upgrade in Ana’s career. Six months later, she would have both the knowledge and the financial resources to start a gallery.

Do Ana & Will End Up Together In Upgraded?

Ana and Will reunite in New York

Ana and Will looking at each other in Upgraded

Ana and Will end up together in Upgraded, which was expected considering movies like Upgraded ask for a happy ending but was still somewhat surprising given that Will originally decided to stay in London. Ana herself did not believe Will would show up to visit her gallery and said she was too naïve to ever think he would. However, just before the credits rolled, Archie Renaux’s character returned. Will was now in America, and the two were finally able to make their relationship work. Just like his mom, Will understood was Ana was trying to do and why she lied to them.

The Meaning Of The Salt & Pepper Shakers In Upgraded

Will was referencing the day he met Ana

Salt and pepper shakers In Upgraded

Before Will reappears at the end of UpgradedAna notices salt and pepper shakers placed on top of a table. She immediately realizes Will was going to be there, as that was a reference to the day they met at the airport. During her trip to London, Ana, who had never flown first class before, tried to take the salt and pepper shakers with her. Will noticed and made fun of her in what was one of their first interactions on the plane. The Upgraded ending also references Will’s shoe, a callback to when Ana spilled a bloody mary in it.

Did Will Accept The Job Offer In New York?

Will appeared in New York all of a sudden

Will arriving at Ana's gallery carrying a suitcase in Upgraded

Given that Will originally declined the job offer in New York, the fact that he was in America visiting Ana’s gallery during Upgrade’s ending can be confusing. However, when Ana asked whether he had changed his mind about the job, Will confirmed that yes, he eventually accepted it and moved to New York. That said, Will made sure to note that his new job was not the reason he was in America – he primarily decided to move because of Ana. Will and Ana now both have their dream jobs and are living in the same city.

How Did Ana Get Her Job Back After Lying To Claire?

Catherine helped Ana get her job back

Ana, Catherine, Claire, and Arnold having a meeting in Upgraded

Claire fired Ana as soon as the former learned that the latter had been posing as the director of Erwin’s New York office, yet Ana was brought back into the company and completed the program. This is because Catherine, who was at the center of it all considering she was the owner of the paintings Erwin was trying to auction, vouched for Ana. Instead of being upset about being lied to, Catherine, who was trying to get the best possible deal for herself in the action and also lied about some things, decided to help Ana.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Amazon Prime Video’s latest rom-com, Upgraded, continues one of its lead actors’ winning Rotten Tomatoes streaks.

Catherine was never going to remove her painting from the auction – it was only a negotiation strategy so that the prices would go up. Still, she used her leverage to get Ana rehired by saying she would only rejoin Erwin’s auction if Ana was part of the operation. Claire, who had a soft spot for Ana and believed in her potential, accepted the terms of the agreement. Ana went from third assistant to the most important player in Erwin’s biggest auction yet, which changed her career forever and gave her the resources to start her gallery.

What The Upgraded Movie’s Ending Really Means

Ana’s love for art guided her throughout the whole film

The The Swan, No. 17 painting at the end of Upgraded

Upgraded started with Ana having to explain to her sister and brother-in-law what a certain painting meant, and why it was much more than just “a circle.” The movie ends with a shot of the very same painting, which is now part of Ana’s art gallery. Although Upgraded is a romantic comedy movie whose main storyline has to do with a couple falling in love in complicated circumstances, Ana’s driving force throughout the film is her passion for art. Ana became friends with Will’s mom and earned her boss’ respect by treating her craft with a lot of respect.

Upgraded has a happy ending that highlights why someone should always follow their dreams regardless of what others may think.

Both Ana and Will misunderstood what the other person was looking for initially. Will thought Ana was only with him to get close to Catherine’s influential friends, whereas Ana concluded that Will did not take her job seriously. Although none of them was correct, this almost ruined their potential relationship. Fortunately, they were both able to see through these misconceptions and realized nothing was stopping them from pursuing their dreams and being together. Upgraded has a happy ending that highlights why someone should always follow their dreams regardless of what others may think.


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Romantic Comedy
Release DateFebruary 9, 2024
DirectorCarlson Young
CastCamila Mendes , Archie Renaux , Marisa Tomei , Lena Olin , Anthony Head , Saoirse-Monica Jackson
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