What apps can you connect to Discord?

You can connect a multitude of your passions and interests to your Discord profile including eBay, PayPal, Crunchyroll, Epic Games Store, Twitter, Reddit, Steam, Jefit, DeviantArt, Bloxlink, and plenty more.12 Dec 2022

Though it’s known for its popularity in the gaming community, the communication platform Discord is picking up steam in the corporate world, particularly for startups, micro-businesses and fully remote teams.

Discord features voice calling, instant messaging and file sharing via private communities called servers. Discord allows creators to establish rules about channels and topics within each server, and the basic service is free, which makes it appealing for new and small organizations.

Like any platform, getting the most out of it often means pairing it with another tool, which is why Discord integrations can help your team boost productivity and streamline processes.

Let’s check out the best Discord integrations you should consider for your team in 2021.

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  1. GitHub Discord integration
  2. Zapier Discord integration
  3. Slack Discord integration
  4. Twitter Discord integration
  5. YouTube Discord integration
  6. Trello Discord integration
  7. Google Sheets Discord integration
  8. Patreon Discord integration
  9. Nightbot Discord integration
  10. Twitch Discord integration
  11. XSplit Discord integration
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