What are some interesting facts about Burnley FC?

Burnley have been champions of England twice, in 1920–21 and 1959–60, have won the FA Cup once, in 1913–14, and have won the FA Charity Shield twice, in 1960 and 1973. They have been runners-up in the First Division twice, in 1919–20 and 1961–62, and FA Cup runners-up twice, in 1946–47 and 1961–62.

Burnley FC’s jerseys were manufactured by local companies until 1975, when Umbro became the first to have its logo on the club’s shirt.

1. “Burnley” was a poem by John Cooper Clarke who stated “Im telling you this and Im telling you firmly you dont ever want to go to Burnley” Sadly he didnt write one about Hucking.

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2. Burnley is the home of the Burnley Front Line who featured on that informative TV documentary featuring investigative journalist Danny Dyer, “Britains Hardest Fans” the BFL proudly boasted of their reputation as a family club in the fact that their ranks contained three generations of the same family

3. Burnley is the sort of town where they steal your towels in the hotels and their is often fights in the mini bar.

4. Burnley has the highest ratio of home attendances per head of population than any other club in Britain, the Clarets often get crowds in excess of 9,000 despite there being only 6,500 officially on the electoral role, the only town that comes close is Guildford were 97% of the population are Man Utd season ticket holders.

5. The river Brun is the shortest river in Britain and runs through Burnley.

6.Burnley Miners Social Club sells more Benedictine than any other hostelry in Britain, indeed Burnley sells one in every three bottles sold in the UK as a whole (Hionestly you really cant make this stuff up) As WW1 ended local lads were stationed in Fecamp where what they dubbed Bene is made, and during the winter of 1918-19 got a taste for drinking it 50/50 with hot water, still the custom in the town to this day.

7. No one of any real talent has ever been born in Burnley, the nearest they came to having chart success in the pop world is when the group The Milltown Brothers got to number 124 in about 1990

8.Burnley FC are the only football league club to be managed by an 8 year old chimney sweep

9. The club actually won the Football League (as it was then called) as recently as 1959/60, there will actually be people at tomorrows game who were alive when this happened, unlike our much loved rivals from the east end of the M27 whose last surviving season ticket holder from their league championship season died in 2007

10. Burnley are a club who have won two league championships, have won the FA Cup, made up the numbers in the premier league recently and have enjoyed a solitary season in Europe, with a fan base of around 10-12,000 for a home game does anyone in football consider them to be a big club and a sleeping giant, with respect to Burnley Fans, No, but does it all sound a bit familiar 

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