What are the Stage 2 water restrictions in Joburg?

Stage 2 restrictions see a reduction of 30% of the water supply for Rand Water. Municipalities implement their own requirements to cut down on usage, such as banning the watering of gardens or cleaning driveways and patios with hosepipes.

Gauteng Water has urged residents in Gauteng to implement water-saving strategies to avoid necessitating the move to higher stages of restrictions in the province.

Large parts of Gauteng, including the major metropolitan municipalities of the City of Joburg, the City of Tshwane, and the City of Ekurhuleni, were hit with stage 2 water restrictions this week, following increased demand from an ongoing heatwave and damage to infrastructure from load shedding.

Speaking to Newsroom afrika, Rand Water spokesperson Makenosi Maroo said that stage 2 water restrictions see bulk-supplied water pressure reduced by about 30% to various customers.

Under these circumstances, tap water should still be available to the municipalities Rand Water feeds water to, but it won’t come out of the taps as strong as before, Maroo said.

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