What calendar year is the same as 2024?

The last time the calendar for 2024 happened was in 1996. When is the next year with the same calendar as 2024? The next year with the same calendar as 2024 will be 2052. These years have the same starting weekday, and they’re both leap years.

Your 2024 calendar is reusable in:

2052, 2080, and 2120.

In 2024, you can re-use calendars from these years:

1940, 1968, and 1996.

The year 2024 has 366 days and starts on a Monday.

Years with same starting weekday and equal number of days to 2024
YearCompared to year 2024Since last
194084 years before
196856 years before+ 28 years
199628 years before+ 28 years
2024selected year+ 28 years
205228 years after+ 28 years
208056 years after+ 28 years
212096 years after+ 40 years
6 years share the calendar of year 2024 in the 200-year time span from 1924 to 2123.
Note that holidays will not match exactly. Selected year is highlighted.
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