What does AgriSETA do?

AgriSETA creates and promotes opportunities for social, economic and employment growth for agri-enterprises through relevant, quality and accessible education, training and development in both primary and secondary agriculture, in conjunction with other stakeholders in agriculture.

The scope of AgriSETA covers the agricultural sector from input services of the farm, activities on the farm and the first level processing activities from the farm.

In terms of the Skills Development Act, we are responsible for the skills development of the agricultural workforce, employed and unemployed.

AgriSETA facilitates the implementation of learning through Learnerships, Skills Programmes, Adult Education and Training, and tertiary studies or in-service training by allocating grants and bursaries. It also supports apprentices, interns and mentorships.

To ensure the quality provision of education and training, we are also responsible for accrediting sector-specific training providers and for monitoring the standard of training presented.To increase access to relevant skills that is impact driven through strategic partnerships and credible research leading to inclusive economic growth

The Agricultural Sector Education Training Authority (SETA), to be known as AgriSETA, is set to become a diverse and fairly complex organisation that handles not only agriculture, but all food and beverage and forestry activities.

AgriSETA stands for Agricultural Sector Education and Training Authority. It is a government-funded organization that aims to improve the skills and knowledge of people working in the agricultural sector in South Africa. AgriSETA plays an important role in promoting education and training opportunities in the agricultural industry and ensuring that the workforce has the skills needed to keep the sector thriving.

There are several benefits to the work that AgriSETA does, which can be broken down into three key areas: benefits for individuals, benefits for the agricultural sector, and benefits for South Africa as a whole.

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