What does the name Rublev mean?

The origin of the surname can come either fromĀ the Russian unit of currency rubleĀ or from an old kind of washboard called rubels that might indicate the profession of an ancestor.

This last name is the 117,964th most frequently used family name on a global scale. It is borne by around 1 in 1,869,081 people. The surname is primarily found in Europe, where 75 percent of Rublev are found; 74 percent are found in Eastern Europe and 74 percent are found in East Slavic Europe.

The last name Rublev is most commonly used in Russia, where it is held by 3,157 people or 1 in 45,652. In Russia, Rublev is most prevalent in Moscow, where 16 percent reside, the Republic of Adygea, where 6 percent reside, and Sverdlovsk Oblast, where 6 percent reside. Not including Russia Rublev exists in 18 countries. It is also common in Ukraine, where 14 percent reside, and Kazakhstan, where 2 percent reside.

The religious adherence of those holding the Rublev last name is primarily Orthodox (86%) in Russia, Orthodox (100%) in Belarus, Orthodox (100%) in Kazakhstan, and Orthodox (71%) in Ukraine.

In The United States Rublev are 2.11% more likely to be registered with the United Russia Party than The US average, with 48.88% being registered to vote for the political party.

Rublev earns significantly less than the average income. In the United States, they earn 26.18% less than the national average, earning $31,854 USD per year.

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