What is Derek Watts age?

74 years JOHANNESBURG – Derek Watts was an “authentic” journalist.

So said the executive producer of investigative TV programme Carte Blanche on MNet – John Webb.

“His greatest gift was to be able to make people open up… It was an extraordinary gift…”

Webb was speaking to 702’s John Perlman on Tuesday.

Veteran journalist Watts has passed away at the age of 74. He had been with Carte Blache for 35 years.

WATCH: Derek Watts takes a break from work to focus on his health

His departure from the investigative show was brought to light in July where it was also revealed that he needed to focus on his health following a cancer diagnosis.

Further lauding Watts’ character, Webb said he was “a good friend and a colleague.”

“He was a fundamentally decent, good person… He was always open to input of how he did his job of telling South African stories.”

At the same time, Watts former colleague Devi Sankaree Govender said that she grew up watching him on TV and he inspired her to pursue journalism.

“He made me feel like an equal.”

According to Sankaree Govender, Watts hated confrontation scenes on _Carte Blanche _because he felt bad for the other guy.

“He was a good man. He generally cared. He loved his country… This is a loss for South Africa.

“I didn’t expect the end to be so sudden…”

She said she’ll forever remember Watts’ contribution to her career and her life.

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