What is DJ Euphonik’s new name?

Themba (2017–present)In 2017, Euphonik began performing under his first name “Themba”, combining techno and house music in his DJ sets and productions.

Themba Nkosi, popularly known as Euphonik has shared his excitement over being nominated among  globally established DJs at the 2018 installment of the DJ Awards.

The DJ, who has recently decided to call himself Themba on stage as well, has bagged a nomination for Best Newcomer DJ.

“This is a big deal because it’s two South African’s being recognised on a global scale. It puts our country on the map.”

DJ Black Coffee has also bagged a nod at the awards. Euphonik bags a DJ Award nod as DJ Themba!

The DJ said he’s received a lot of love on social media and that it was cool that he got the nomination under his real name, Themba.

“I’ve been nominated under my new alias Themba, that is super cool,” said the DJ who is clearly happy that his name and brand change has been well received.

The international awards, which is considered as the “Oscars” of electronic music is celebrating its 21st birthday this year and has increased the categories as well. This year, they have 13 DJ categories supporting over 160 nominees.

Black Coffee, whom themba has never been shy to praise for his involvement in opening doors for other Mzansi DJs, is also nominated for the fourth time this year.

Black Coffee has been a winner at the awards for three successive years, twice for Best Deep House DJ and once for Best Breakthrough DJ in 2015.

The prestigious awards will take place on September 11 in Ibiza.

However, the voting lines will close at midnight on July 24. You can click here to vote for your fave DJ. Bring it home!

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