What is the origin of the name Sha Sha?

From root name Sasha. A borrowing of the Russian pet form of Alexandra (defender or helper of mankind), Sasha has been bestowed as an independent given name since it was introduced from France in the 20th century.

Famous people with name Shasha (Namesakes)

  1. Wang Shasha (handballer)Wang Shasha (Chinese: 王莎莎; pinyin: Wáng Shāshā; born January 8, 1987 in Yantai, Shandong) is a female Chinese handball player who competed at the 2004 Summer Olympics.
  2. Yifat Shasha-BitonYifat Shasha-Biton (Hebrew: יִפְעָת שָׁאשָׁא־בִּיטוֹן, born 23 May 1973) is an Israeli educator and politician.
  3. Guo ShashaGuo Shasha (Chinese: 郭 莎莎, born April 22, 1976) is a retired Chinese rhythmic gymnast.
  4. Yu Shasha

    Yu Shasha (simplified Chinese: 于莎莎; traditional Chinese: 於莎莎; pinyin: Yú Shā Shā, born on 30 May 1985 in Yantai, Shandong, China), is a Chinese actress and host.

  5. Shasha BrüningShasha Brüning (born 24 December 1994) is a Dutch woman cricketer.
  6. Wang Shasha (goalball)Wang Shasha (Chinese: 王沙沙; pinyin: Wáng Shāshā, born 14 October 1986) is a Chinese goalball player.
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