What is the problem with water in Gauteng?

Rand Water is not able to meet the demands of the province’s consumers.

Water and Sanitation Minister Senzo Mchunu made the shocking revelation while meeting mayors in the province.

Added to this is the fact that 45 percent of the supply is lost within municipal systems and 20 percent of that through leaks and pipe bursts.

“The current water demand for Gauteng is sitting at 4,563 megalitres per day while Rand Water is currently able to supply 4,431 ml/PD, with therefore leaves a variance of 396 ml/pd and equal to 9 percent

“Out of the 4,431 that pumped into municipalities’ systems, at least 5 percent is lost within the Rand water System resulting in 3,968 megalitres per day reaching municipalities.

“Out of this 3,968 ml/PD, an estimated 45 percent is lost within municipalities’ systems as Non-Revenue Water, yet the international norm should be 15 percent and below,” he said.

“Of the 45 percent Non-Revenue water, at least 20 percent is recorded as physical losses such as leaks and burst pipe.”

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