What NQF levels is AgriSETA?

The purpose of this qualification is to allow Supervisors to progress towards a Junior Farm Manager position with specific reference to Animal Production. The contexualised purpose and usage of the qualification is as follows:

  • A learner assessed against this qualification will have the necessary competence to manage Supervisors and working teams, performing the agricultural processes as applicable to animal production in a range of Animal Production taking responsibility for the quality and quantity of outputs.
  • The Learner will be able to take complete responsibility for her/his own actions and also take responsibility for supervising others at lower levels within an Animal Production context under broad guidance and evaluation.
  • Competency will be gained in any of the specialized sub-fields of Animal Production as specified under Areas Of Specialization (i.e. Small stock, Large Stock, Dairy Production, Aqua Culture, etc.) with a strong focus on management.
  • The learner will be able to take responsible decisions within a wide range based on a sound understanding of the basic principles of agri-business and good agricultural practices, in meeting the set objectives and targets within the broader farm plan which includes the economical application of general resources, agricultural production and technical knowledge and skills, all in an Animal Production context.
  • The Learner will be able to oversee the implementation of a wide range of procedures and will be able to ensure the relevant safety, quality, hygiene and technical standards as applicable within the industry.
  • In addition to the above, the learner will be well positioned to extend learning and practice into other sub-fields such as Plant Production and Mixed Farming, since such efforts will only require additional learning within the elective scope of other qualifications at this level.
  • The learner will be well positioned to progress towards higher levels of Management and Technical production practices as defined by qualifications at the next level.
  • Learners will be enabled to actively participate in the Primary Agricultural Sector through the production of quality agricultural products, enhancing the overall agricultural process and gain opportunities to access local, national and international agricultural markets.
  • This qualification will allow qualifying learners to become economically active in farming practices that will have a direct impact on Local Economic Development through the production of food, the improvement of household food security and access to mainstream agriculture.
  • Finally, Learners will be able to guide and direct others in terms of the planning, implementation and control of development projects within an Animal Production context.

AgriSETA has developed learning modules for the unit standards within the range of qualifications: Animal Production (NQF levels 1 – 4 ), Plant Production (NQF levels 1 – 4) and Mixed Farming Systems (NQF levels 1 and 2).

These learning materials are generic in nature and the purpose is to assist accredited providers in the Agri sector with good, basic learning materials which they can use as the basis for developing/adjusting their own specific learning materials.

It should clearly be noted that this is generic learning material – it remains the task of the provider to contextualize the material and not only use it as is – it only provides a basis. Furthermore, AgriSETA does not prescribe this material. Any provider who is of the opinion that his/her learning material is sufficient to address the outcomes of given unit standards, is welcome to use their own learning materials. Regard this material as a further input.

This learning material is in the public domain – you are welcome to print, copy and use it as you see fit. Please do so responsibly.

As this material is in the public domain, No copyright can be added to it, nor can it be sold.

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