What should know about Premier League fantasy?

Points are awarded to players for goals, assists, saves and clean sheets.

Players can also earn additional bonus points in Fantasy as a reward for a good performance in a match .

Your team’s points for the match round or “Gameweek” will be scored by your starting XI. But if a starting player does not feature for their club in that round of matches, the points scored by the first player on your bench will automatically be counted instead.

The same process occurs if two or three starting players fail to appear.

You can also earn extra points by selecting a captain from your starting line-up. The captain’s points are doubled in that Gameweek. 

While there are plenty of fantasy football games available online, the Fantesy premier league(FPL) is undoubtedly the most popular and offers users the chance to battle it out with their friends and rivals across the globe.

So, whether you’re a seasoned veteran of FPL or a beginner just starting to get to grips with the game, GOAL’s guide offers everything you need to new ahead of the new campaign.

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