When can I apply for Grade 8 2023 Western Cape?

It is recommended that you first contact the school and request that they reconsider your application should any vacancies become available. Thousands of learners have been accepted into more than one school – which means that spaces will become available in the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, you may also:

  1. Write to the schools you have applied to and ask them to place your child on their waiting list; 
  2. You can also engage the School Governing Body to request that the school reconsider its decision;
  3. Speak to your WCED district office about other placement options available to your child;

If you feel that the school made a mistake or acted unfairly in any way you may appeal to the Provincial Minister.
Send an email to edumin.edumin@westerncapegov.za and explain why you think the school’s decision should be overturned.
Please attach the evidence or documents in support of your claim

The WCED admissions website is a FREE service, that is zero-rated.

The WCED does, however, understand that some parents/caregivers are restricted in terms of accessibility to equipment. That is why the WCED has arranged for parents to apply via our district offices or the pop-ups by the WCED at shopping malls and schools.

Some schools have also communicated to parents within their communities that they will be opening their labs for parents to apply.

Parents can apply for:

  • Grade R
  • Grades 1 and 8
  • A transfer request for learners in Grades 2-7 and Grades 9-12.

The following documents is required:

  • The last official school Report Card
  • ID, Birth certificate, passport of the learner; or
    • A study permit (foreign learners); OR
    • Proof of application (study permit)
  • Immunization card (Road to Health Chart) [Primary Schools Only]
  • Proof of Residence (Rates account, Lease agreement, an affidavit confirming residence). Note: Retail statements and bank statements are not accepted.

A police affidavit will be required for lost or stolen documentation that is not currently available.

We again appeal to all parents to please complete your application by 15 April 2023.

This process is important to them and their child. So do not delay and apply today!

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