When did Zaoga start?

ZAOGA FIFMI was founded on May 12, 1960, in Bindura, Zimbabwe under a gum tree, but as of 2023, is now in over 140 nations and states. FIFMI is a debt-free organization with centers across the world that are purchased cash only, as is part of the ministry’s vision.

Centers are located in nations throughout Africa, Europe, the Americas, Australia, and New Zealand, among other countries.

ZAOGA FIFMI is headquartered in Waterfalls, Harare, Zimbabwe. In the United Kingdom, ZAOGA is now known as Forward In Faith Church International Incorporated (FIFCII). In Mozambique and other Portuguese-speaking nations, the ministry is known as ADA which stands for Assemblia De Deus Africana.

As a gifted evangelist, Prof. E.H. Guti distinguished himself as a leading personality in the Pentecostal world. He oversaw well over 5000 pastors and evangelists worldwide, who regarded him as a unique prophet, apostle, and loving spiritual father.

Archbishop Dr. Ezekiel Handinawangu Guti is the leading founder of Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa (ZAOGA), a Pentecostal church that broke away from the South-African derived Pentecostal church, the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM), in 1959. ZAOGA was founded on 12 May 1960 in Bindura, under a tree. The church is also known internationally as Forward in Faith Ministries International (FIFMI).

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