Which team is Al Nassr in eFootball?

Al Nassr is an Saudi Professional League team playable in eFootball 2023. Among the club’s players, Petros Matheus has the highest eFootball 2023 Rating, followed by Abderrazak Hamdallah in second, and Noureddine Amrabat in third.

Al Nassr is one of the Club Teams in Saudi Arabia, featured in eFootball PES 2020 as part of the AFC Champions League.

Al Nassr is fully licensed in PES 2020, including official uniforms, emblems and players.TEAM TYPEClub Teams LEAGUE

The game will continue to feature the real names of big European clubs, legends of football history, and weekly live updates to in-game squads and individuals.

The various in-game events featuring in the new season, European Leagues Highlights – Clubs, Team Playstyles, and Prime Players, will begin today and players will appear in special card designs featuring the clubs that have made it to the top of the European leagues in the 2021-22 season.

In addition, special packs containing 11 players and training items from KONAMI’s major European partner clubs are now available. Users can bring together powerful players, have them ready to play right away, and train a team around their own footballing philosophy.

eFootball™ 2022 is finally available for mobile. After the success of the eFootball™ PES mobile series, which accrued over 500 million downloads worldwide, KONAMI has brought the new eFootball™ title to the mobile arena!

New controls have been added to replicate modern football, whilst player animations and ball behaviour have been significantly revamped to provide the same gameplay on mobile as on console.

The mobile version of eFootball™ 2022 offers a new ‘Dream Team’ mode that allows users to create their own team, as in the console version, and brings forth a new control experience that gives users the freedom to make decisions and alter playing tactics based on real-world football theories.

‘Dream Team’ is a new mode in which users can nominate and acquire their favourite players and managers to create their dream team, using GPs and other in-game items obtained whilst enjoying the game.

In-game players can also be developed and strengthened to match the user’s playing style. They can create their own ‘Dream Team’ by combining their favourite players, legends, and managers to suit their individual footballing philosophy.

Each ‘season’ of Dream Team will feature a different event and has a theme that reflects the trends in real world football. A variety of events will be held accordingly, such as challenge events against other users and tour events against AI.

By acquiring players and organising teams that match the season’s theme, users will be able to advance through the events with an advantage over their rivals.


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