Who has beaten Man City the most in Premier League?

Despite their current performance in the premier league and their 5-0 humiliation by Manchester City in their last face off, Arsenal  still remain the only team to have beaten Manchester City in most of their matches.

Manchester City have played with Arsenal a total of 170 games. Arsenal have beaten Manchester City a total of 85 games in different occasions in the league, which represents the number of most games Manchester City have lost against any other club. This performance from Arsenal seems dismaying due to their current performance in their last two seasons under Mikel Arteta as their coach.

Mancity seem to be gaining an edge over Arsenal after beating Arsenal in their last three matches in a row.Manchester United is the team that Man city has drawn with in most occasions in the premier league than any other team and Everton being the team that has lost in many occasions against Manchester City.

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