Who has the most game for Bayern Munich?

Top all-time appearances for Bayern Munich as of November 

Information on the club’s coaches before the Bundesliga era is hard to come by. The information as given in the following table is from the club’s website.

Netherlands Dr. Willem Hesselink19021905
England Thomas Taylor19061909
England George Hoer19091911
England Charles Griffiths19111912
England William James Townley19131921
Hungary Izidor Kürschner19211922
Scotland James McPherson19251926
Hungary Leo Weisz19261928
Hungary Kálmán Konrád19281930
Austria Richard Dombi193019331 Championship
Germany Hans Tauchert19331934
Germany Ludwig Hofmann19341935
Germany Dr. Richard Michalke19361937
Germany Heinz Körner19371938
Germany Ludwig Goldbrunner19381943
Germany Konrad Heidkamp19431945
Hungary Alfred Schaffer1945
Germany Richard Högg1946
Germany Josef Pöttinger19461947
Germany Franz Dietl19471948
Germany Alv Riemke19481950
England David Davison1950
Germany Konrad Heidkamp
Germany Herbert Moll
Germany Dr. Max Schäfer19511953
Germany Georg Bayerer19531954
Germany Georg Knöpfle1954
Germany Jakob Streitle1955
Germany Willibald Hahn195619571 Cup
Germany Herbert Moll19571958
Austria Adolf Patek19581961
Germany Helmut Schneider19611963
Germany Herbert Erhardt1963

Since 1963

In contrast to the pre-Bundesliga era, a list of coaches since the inception of the national league (Bundesliga) in 1963 is readily available on the club’s website. Felix Magath (in 2005), Ottmar Hitzfeld (in 2008), Louis van Gaal (in 2010), Jupp Heynckes (in 2013 and 2018) and Hansi Flick (in 2020) were all awarded Germany’s Football Manager of the Year title for their work at Bayern. Both Hitzfeld (in 2001) and Flick (in 2020) were also awarded the UEFA Coach of the Year and the IFFHS World’s Best Club Coach, while Heynckes won both the FIFA World Coach of the Year and the IFFHS World’s Best Club Coach title in 2013.

No.CoachPeriodLeague RecordMajor
1Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Zlatko Čajkovski1 July 196330 June 19681,826102521832211170321
2Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Branko Zebec1 July 196813 March 19706205832141211756211
3Germany Udo Lattek14 March 19702 January 19751,75516310233284242025311
4Germany Dettmar Cramer16 January 197530 November 19771,049101402734205180321
5Hungary Gyula Lóránt2 December 197728 February 1979453381610127257
6Hungary Pál Csernai1 March 197916 May 19831,537147873129346173321
7Germany Reinhard Saftig (caretaker)17 May 198330 June 198344311177
8Germany Udo Lattek1 July 198330 June 19871,460136823519313141532
9Germany Jupp Heynckes1 July 19878 October 19911,560148824026303157422
10Denmark Søren Lerby9 October 199110 March 1992153154562323
11Germany Erich Ribbeck11 March 199227 December 19936566531201413789
12Germany Franz Beckenbauer28 December 199330 June 199418414923261411
13Italy Giovanni Trapattoni1 July 199430 June 199536434151364325
14Germany Otto Rehhagel1 July 199527 April 19963013018485837
15Germany Franz Beckenbauer (caretaker)29 April 199615 May 19961631026711
16Germany Klaus Augenthaler (caretaker)16 May 199630 June 1996451010221
17Italy Giovanni Trapattoni1 July 199630 June 19987296829209137813111
18Germany Ottmar Hitzfeld1 July 199830 June 20042,19120412841354251811142311
19Germany Felix Magath1 July 200431 January 200794487561813174875221
20Germany Ottmar Hitzfeld1 February 200730 June 2008515493012791393111
21Germany Jürgen Klinsmann1 July 200827 April 20093002916675937
22Germany Jupp Heynckes (caretaker)28 April 200930 June 2009635410125
23Netherlands Louis van Gaal1 July 20099 April 201164763351711133663111
24Netherlands Andries Jonker (caretaker)10 April 201130 June 2011815410205
25Germany Jupp Heynckes1 July 201130 June 20137306852881754041111
26Spain Pep Guardiola1 July 201330 June 20161,095102821192545873211
27Italy Carlo Ancelotti1 July 201628 September 201745440298310327312
28France Willy Sagnol (caretaker)28 September 20178 October 201710101022
29Germany Jupp Heynckes9 October 201730 June 2018264272313762111
30Croatia Niko Kovač1 July 20183 November 2019490442996113483111
31Germany Hansi Flick4 November 201930 June 2021604584576174607211111
32Germany Julian Nagelsmann1 July 202124 March 2023631593912816964312
33Germany Thomas Tuchel24 March 2023present16713625222011
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