Who has the most wins in ODI history?

One Day International (ODI) cricket is played between international cricket teams who are Full Members of the International Cricket Council (ICC) as well as the top four Associate members.[1] Unlike Test matches, ODIs consist of one inning per team, having a limit in the number of overs, currently 50 overs per innings – although in the past this has been 55 or 60 overs.[2] ODI matches are a subset of List A cricket.

But one trait that people want to know is who is dominating the tally of most wins in ODI by a team. Australia has won the most matches in ODI cricket history, with 594 wins. In 2nd place, there is team India with 541 wins in 1032 games, followed by the Pakistan cricket team with 507 wins in 957 matches.

The earliest match recognised as an ODI was played between England and Australia in January 1971;[3] since when there have been more than 4,600 ODIs played by 29 teams. The frequency of matches has steadily increased, partly because of the increase in the number of ODI-playing countries, and partly as the cricket boards of those nations seek to maximise their revenue with the increased popularity of cricket, a process that dates from the time of the Packer Revolution.[4] In February 2022, in their home series against the West Indies, India played their 1,000th ODI match,[5] becoming the first team to play one thousand matches in this format.[6]

The trend of countries to increase the number of ODI matches they play means that the aggregate lists are dominated by modern players, though this trend is reversing as teams play more Twenty20 Internationals. Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has scored the most runs in ODIs with a total of 18,426. Sri Lankan spinner Muttiah Muralitharan is the highest ODI wicket-taker with a total of 534 wickets. The record for most dismissals by a wicket-keeper is held by Kumar Sangakkara of Sri Lanka while the record for most catches by a fielder is held by Sri Lankan Mahela Jayawardene.

List of Team with Most Wins at Home in ODI cricket
South Africa2741897339
New Zealand326189116417
Sri Lanka28516696023
West Indies275141119411
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