Who is Juventu’s top scorer?

If you think Alessandro del Piero and Roberto Baggio are among Juventu’s all-time top scorers, we can’t say no! However, Juventu’s top scorers of all time do not surely limit to these two legends. There are still other footballers to populate the list with the majority of them retired or passed.

Juventus had so many excellent players in its history that if we listed them all, the page would be too long for the present style.

Apart from the 2006-07 season,  Juventus has participated in every campaign of the top league division from its very debut in 1900. It is the second-oldest club of its kind still operating in the nation after Genoa’s football section (1893).

Juventus was rated seventh in FIFA’s historical list of the top clubs in the world in December 2000. Nine years later, based on statistical research done by IFFHS, Juventus was named the second-greatest club in Europe throughout the 20th century. Here, the top goal scorers for Juventus throughout history are examined by Sportmob.

Alessandro Del Piero (290 Goals)

Number one on the list of Juventus’s all-time top scorers, Alessandro Del Piero has scored 290 goals for Juventus across all competitions during his career. He has scored this number of goals (290) in the 706 appearances he has made for Juventus which gets him a goal-to-appearance ratio of 0.4 meaning that the Italian legend has scored 2 goals in every 5 appearances he has made for the Black and Whites.

From among all the 290 goals Juventus most goal scorer ever, Alessandro Del Piero has scored for Juventus 208 have been scored at the league level which comprises 71% of all Del Piero’s Juventus goals. And this number of goals (208) have been scored in 503 appearances Del Piero has made for Juventus which again gets him a goal-to-appearance ratio of 0.4, this time at league level.

So, as you see, Del Piero’s goal-to-appearance ratio concerning his total goals and appearances for Juventus and his only-league-level goals and appearances for the Serie A

Del Piero Trezeguet Juventus

 giants are the same; a rare resemblance!

And with 706 appearances made and 90 goal assists provided for the Zebras during his career, Del Piero is also number one on the list of Juventus’ top scorers ever concerning the most number of appearances made and goal assists provided for the Serie A giants.

Del Piero served Juventus more than any other club during his career – actually for 19 years between 1993 and 2012. If it was not for 5 years that Del Piero served Padova, Sydney FC

, and Delhi Dynamos, we could say he had served Juventus for all his career.

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