Who is New England’s biggest rival?

The New York Jets are the Patriots’ main rivals. Of course, the two teams have been in the same division for years, but the rivalry really took off in 1997, when legendary coach Bill Parcells inexplicably left New England to coach the Jets.

. New York Giants

Even though they are playing as a member of the NFC, the New York Giants have seemingly found themselves to get under the Patriots’ skin.

New England was looking to cap off an undefeated 2007 season when they ran into the Eli Manning-led Giants at the Super Bowl. No matter how many times it is replayed, the outcome of The Helmet Catch will forever stick a dagger in Patriots fans’ hearts.

Both teams would meet in the big game once again four years later. Unfortunately, for the Patriots, the younger Manning would orchestrate another fourth-quarter comeback and defeat an exasperated Tom Brady.


Since the dawn of the millennium, fans were fortunate to witness two of the all-time great quarterbacks, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady perform at the highest level.

In the three head-to-head playoff matchups involving the Patriots and Colts, the victorious team went all the way to win the Super Bowl in the same season.

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