Who is the most subscribed dog trainer on YouTube?

Check out Zak’s YouTube channel, Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution. You’ll find videos on topics ranging from puppy basics to advanced tricks. See why Zak is the #1 Most Subscribed Dog Trainer on YouTube!Just Jesse - youtube dog training

Want to train your dog at home? Then Dog training YouTube channels are your resource. Although the best way to train your dog is to consult a professional dog trainer or take a course on dog training. However, if you are looking for options to learn dog training spending no money, YouTube is your go-to place.

There is a plenitude of dog training YouTube channels that teaches unique and fascinating ways of training your dog’s behavior. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced dog trainer. There is so much useful and educative information on some of the best dog training YouTube channels that will benefit you always.

It is possible that while searching for dog training YouTube videos, you may come across some channels that follow unethical practices. Therefore, to make it easier for you, we have made a list of the best, most reputed, and authentic dog training YouTube channels. These YouTube channels will inspire you to start your dog training journey and build a wonderful relationship with your dog. Furthermore, it will educate and support you to bring out the best version of your dog.

So, let’s dive into the blog and look at the ten best dog training youtube channels that’ll help you train your dog at home.

Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution is one of the most popular and biggest dog training YouTube channels. With over 2 million subscribers and video views, Zak George is a YouTube star. This is mainly because of the excellent production quality. All his videos give an Animal Planet persona with beautiful backgrounds. The length of each video is also optimal to grasp all the information in one go.

In his dog training YouTube channel, Zak teaches how to train and improve your dog’s unique traits. Moreover, he gives useful advice and tips on increasing their energy levels, leading to a happier and healthy life. Besides the information provided, Zak’s personality brightens up the entire video and makes it more entertaining.

He is an incredible host and an amazing dog trainer. His concise and clear concepts make it easy to train your dog fast. And to top it all his relationship with his dog Inertia is adorable to watch. So if you are looking for some entertaining dog training YouTube channel, do not miss out on Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution.

Stonnie Dennis

Stonnie Dennis’s dog training YouTube channel is a treasure box for every aspiring dog trainer. Being a professional dog trainer himself, Stonnie provides various services, such as service dog training, obedience training, family guard training, and boarding. But what makes him different from other dog trainers is the professionalism that reflects in his videos.

Stonnie Dennis has a different way of building a relationship between a human and a dog. Hos training methods are usually based on the cooperation levels of the dog with its owner. This provides a very personalized touch to every video and reflects the quality of training that Stonnie provides.

Watch any video of Stonnie Dennis and you will see how his dogs listen to him and how he in return listens to his dog’s needs. This is exactly what every dog trainer needs to learn. Communication and cooperation are the key concepts of Stonnie’s dog training YouTube channel. And this is why his channel is considered among the top ten dog training YouTube channels.

Peter Caine Dog Training

Another valuable dog training YouTube channel is hosted by Mr. Peter Caine. His channel is the quirkiest of all. Although his channel does not have a huge subscriber list or viewership on YouTube. His unique style of presenting dog training information hilariously makes him stand out among his competitors.

Peter Caine Dog training channel showcases a mix of dog training and hunting videos in the form of satirical skits and witty political commentary. All his videos are authentic, raw, and entertaining to watch. It is fascinating to see how one person can do so many things at the same time. From obedience training and service dog training videos to tutorials for teaching general manners to the dog, Peter Caine takes care of all the dog training aspects.

Not just that, his teaching methods are mostly based on verbal communications rather than the use of clickers. And it is amazing to see how well dogs understand and follow his instructions. To sum it up if you are looking for dog training YouTube channels that are informative yet fun to learn, then Peter Caine’s dog training channel is a must-watch!

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