Who is the most successful captain in cricket history?

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The cricket soccer is the most liked in the world The below is the some of the captain in the cricket games. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

The shy boy from Ranchi who was criticized in the early part of his career as not been much talkative behind the stumps retired as the most successful Indian captain and surely the most popular one. Dhoni as a white ball captain is second to none and he as a captain has won every trophy in the world of cricket. His ability to trust his intuition and take unorthodox decisions has made him the captain he is. His ability to remain calm in pressure situations both with the bat and as a captain has earned him the tag of ‘Captain Cool’. Under MSD captaincy India was ranked no.1 in ICC Test rankings in 2009-10. His captaincy journey started with the inaugural T20 World Cup which India won with a young team and thus the MSD era started. Under his captaincy, Csk won IPL 3 times and India also won Champions Trophy in 2013.

But the big one, the 50 over World Cup which India won at their home in 2011 is the biggest achievement of Dhoni’s captaincy. Dhoni has captained India in 331 matches overall and won 178 of them across all formats and this, along with his big-hitting and finishing skills made him the poster boy of Indian Cricket for a long time and the most popular captain of Indian cricket and the world.

 Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting picked up from where Steve Waugh left and took the Australian team to an altogether next level. So dominant were the Aussies in his captaincy that even beating Australia in a single match was considered as an achievement by most teams. His team beat the World 11 team comprehensively both in ODIs and Test. Ponting believed in leading from the front and captaincy duties enhanced his batting and Ponting went on to become a run machine at no. 3. Under his captaincy, Australia won two world cups( 2003 and 2007) without losing a single match.

The record was broken only in the 2011 world cup which started in the 2003 World Cup. He comes second in winning percentage rate in Test with 62.33%. While in ODIS he has a win percentage of 76.14 winning 165 of 230 ODIs as a captain. The popularity of Ponting as a leader with an aggressive attitude is second to none and he will be forever remembered as a legendary cricketer who gave everything he had for his team.

 Steve Waugh

The man who started the era of dominance of Australian cricket in the 1990s was a fighter both with the bat, ball and as a leader. The best quality of Steve Waugh that is praised all over the world is his ability to lead from the front when the team was in most pressure situations. He created a crop of cricketers who ruled world cricket for the next decade or so. Under his captaincy, Australia won the 1999 world cup when they were almost out of the tournament and had to win back-to-back five matches to win the tournament. His innings in the world cup semifinal was the real show of his strong mental ability and ability to thrive under pressure.

His record as a Test captain is even better and Australia became the no.1 Test team under him. They won 41 Test matches out of 57 under his captaincy and finally lost to India which he had called ‘Last Frontier.’
Steve Waugh is considered one of the most popular and successful captains in world cricket who ushered in an era of dominance of Australian Cricket.

 Clive Lloyd

Captain of one of the most successful and dominant teams in the history of cricket. He was captain of the West Indies in the 1970s and 80s when the team from the Caribbean dominated world cricket. Under his captaincy, Windies won two consecutive world cups in 1975 and 1979 and lost in the final in 1983 to India. During his captaincy, Windies won 27 Test matches without a loss which included consecutive 11 wins and it was his persona that could handle and get the best out of each champion player he had.

Despite being a top-class batter himself, Clive is remembered the world over as a captain of the most dominating team in the history of Cricket. He captained Windies in 84 ODIs and won 64 out of it clearly shows the level of dominance his team had in that era. He has the highest winning percentage in ODIs as a captain 77.71%( at least 50 ODIS).

Imran Khan

Imran Khan is the current Prime Minister of Pakistan but much before entering politics his leadership in cricket was praised from all corners of the world. He won Pakistan the 1992 Cricket World Cup which is still the only one-day World Cup Pakistan has won. Imran Khan was a charismatic personality both on and off the field with a huge female following and a leader who was respected by one and all, He suddenly decided to retire after losing the semifinal in the 1987 World Cup but came back a year later as the whole Pakistan wanted their leader back.

He was a great allrounder who could contribute with both bat and ball but more than anything he had the vision and ability to back the players he believed in. Inzamam ul Haq a youngster at that time was backed even after mediocre performances on the league stage and the inspiring words and backing of the captain paid off when Inzamam played a match-winning innings against NZ out of the blue, this vision and leadership qualities made Imran khan one of the most popular captains of all time who didn’t fear to think out of the box for the results he wants

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