Who owns Austin football club?

Austin FC is owned by Two Oak Ventures, formerly known as Precourt Sports Ventures, which is led by CEO Anthony Precourt. Other investing partners in Two Oak Ventures include actor Matthew McConaughey, local entrepreneur Eduardo Margain, former Dell executive Marius Haas, and energy entrepreneur Bryan Sheffield.

Professional sports is big business, with player contracts and a stadium costing millions of dollars, so getting a team on its feet requires big money upfront.

The Academy Award-winning actor is one of a group of seven who makes up the ownership group led by Anthony Precourt, who previously owned the Columbus Crew.

“Austin finally has a team that allows us to root for our city,” McCoughaney said ahead of his team’s season opener against LAFC. “It’s the perfect game for Austin and it is a perfect city for the game. Now, we have a place we can all hang. I hope that snapshot from the sky shows all of the little boroughs and tribes and colors and diversity that make up Austin, Texas.”

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