Why do Nottingham Forest have 2 stars?

 the English club spent a good chunk of time outside of the Premier League — it does overlook some historical triumphs. And, if you ever forget about that golden era, you only need to look at Nottingham Forest’s shirt.

The Nottingham Forest badge at City Ground.

While there are different rules depending on your location, stars on a football jersey always represent some sort of success. In Nottingham Forest’s case, that success is the biggest of all.

The Reds have won two European Cups in their history, which are represented by two stars alongside the “Forest” badge on their shirts. And while European Cups might not sound too exciting — it’s evocative of the modern Europa League, which is the second-tier continental competition — things were a bit different back in the day.

At the time when Forest was playing — and winning — the competition, the European Cup was the top level of European action. It was eventually rebranded as the EUFA Champion League, which modern fans know a bit more intimately.

Yes, you read that correctly. Nottingham Forest have what translates to two Champions League titles to their name.Given their slide down the footballing pyramid — the club briefly fell into England’s third tier — you’d be excused for thinking that Nottingham Forest won dominated the European scene when dinosaurs walked the earth. 

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